Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team

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Over the past decade, the Dragon Ball series has seen the collection of video games — at least until Dragon Ball Z Kai came out. The latest entries stick to the older tales and cover a classic again, only better than before.

Those who have enjoyed most of the DBZ games will find lots of comparable territory in Dragon Ball: Tenkaichi Tag Team, including the over-the-shoulder camera from the Tenkaichi series and the large array of characters. In addition to moving on to the variations from Tenkaichi, Tenkaichi Tag Team for the PSP also throws in a serious format change by providing for two-on-two play. In spite of the name, the combat isn't tag-team. All six characters are out on the field without delay, and you switch targets, similar to some of the Naruto games, to keep to the same over-the-shoulder camera

The game also provides for some character customization. Although details weren't shown on floor, different transformations are counted in the 70 character total, though the game also goes in to all-new, expanded-universe characters from Toriyama's secret universe tome.

The largest thing that jumped out at me, though, was the appearance. The game handles smoothly and keeps the look of the series better than earlier PSP entries have.

Dragon Ball fighters seldom disappoint, so Dragon Ball: Tenkaichi Tag Team for the PSP ought to turn out to be a worthy entry in the series.